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Client Guide - Download & Play NOW

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First time Client login Tutorial


Step 1: Head to Settings


Step 2: Click Custom


Step 3: Make sure you are on OpenGL graphics settings If you were able to switch your graphic settings to OpenGL, or found yourself on it. Then please go ahead, close the settings, login and play. You can skip the java version part.



Recommended Java version

This guide is for the user who are facing troubles switching to OpenGL please make sure to follow this guide!


Step 1: Locate the Official Oracle (Java) link to for downloading java.


Step 2: Make sure to choose this specific java version to download.



Step 3: Oracle might not allow you to download a java version directly without creating an account. It's so fine, just one step left! Please take the minute to register on Oracle to be able to download the java required to be able to run the game and enjoy it with full experience. It's completely safe.




Super detail realism client setting!

This option is only recommended for players who has strong PC specs! While you're on client settings, click custom and locate this option "Anti-aliasing" set it to 4x and save the settings.





TIPS & TRICKS: When the Runescape client loads for the first time, the cache takes some time to download before fully rendering the game for the user. It's possible to know the total Percentage loaded from the cache using the Client's built-in Console. 


Step 1:  Locate the key ' ~ ' in your keyboard to access the console!




Step 2: Type the following command: displayfps and hit Enter!



Happy Gaming!

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