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Version 9.5 


Hey 'Sinners,

Another update!

We've been continuing to improve and refine the Squeal Of Fortune experience over the past few updates. Our last major update focused on adding more transparency, primarily through redefining & updating almost all rewards from official RS wiki. We've been continuing to improve and refine the Squeal Of Fortune experience over the past few updates. Our last major update focused on adding more transparency, primarily through redefining & updating almost all rewards from official RS wiki. 
Slayer Masks RS Wiki clicking this link will take you to the RS3 wiki as they currently have the Slayer Masks rewards as a Treasure Hunter rewards. We have added the same rewards, but for Squeal Of Fortune. With the same rarity as well.
What's found on wiki, can be found here!
You can access your Slayer Masks collection by speaking with Laniakea at home!
It's the perfect simulation for the RS wiki tab but in-game, you can easily access through your Masks collection, track your progress kc, and also check the benefits.
Each Slayer mask obtained from the Squeal Of Fortune rewards, can be upgraded into a newer variant through acquiring a specific KC on a specific monster, you can see the details on the game interface.
Knowing that upgrading the received item from SoF into it's upgraded variant will grant addition EXP boosts + Double Drops chance when fighting the respective monster on an active Slayer task.
Check it out in-game, you'll have so much fun!
Triple Experience Tickets have been added to the game. As all Sinners know, we do support automatic DOUBLE XP on weekends, x2 Bonus XP Well, Double Tickets ticket. And now, we introduce you to the Triple XP Ticket. 
The Triple XP ticket can be achieved from Squeal Of Fortune, normal mystery box, players will also obtain this Triple XP Ticket from doing their daily challenges. The Triple XP ticket will grant x3 Triple exp to the player while it's active, and it'll last for 30 minutes period of time.
Bonus Stats Equipment fixes
  • Attuned Crystal ward received stats.
  • Berserker necklace received stats.
  • Grave Creeper Staff updated stats.
  • Tokhaar-Ket capes updated stats buff.
  • Staff Of Light (All color variants) updated stats buff.
  • Reported Spined, Skeletal armour from prestige store updated stats buff.
  • Flareflorst, Emberkeen, Hellfire upgraded boots updated stats buff.
  • Torva boots, Elite Torva boots updated stats buff.
  • Torva platelegs, Elite Torva platelegs updated stats buff.
  • Elite Sirenic gear updated stats buff.
  • Seismic Singularity (Blood) updated stats buff, and other color variants.
  • Linza's kiteshield corrected defensive stats.
  • Khopesh of Tumeken updated stats buff.
  • Promethium Rapier updated stats buff.
  • Elite Staff Of Dragons updated stats buff.
  • Orb Of Crywir elder updated stats buff.
  • Lucky Ahrim's gear  received stats.
  • Lucky Dhoark's gear  received stats.
  • Lucky Karil's gear received stats.
  • Lucky Guthan's gear received stats.
  • Lucky Torga's gear  received stats.
  • Lucky Verac's  received stats.
  • Fixed Noxious weaponry equipping them and attacking monsters giving lower stats.

QoL and Bug Fixes

  • Legendary pets give x2 XP boost now.
  • Fixed Collection drops not loggin drops when having GPR activated.
  • Discord Mystery Box fixed.
  • Double drops rework. Double drops tickets, and other events do function very smoothly on double drops now. Enjoy this one!
  • Fixed Infinity ring not acting as Ring Of Vigour 
  • Disabled Nex AoD From dropping ability codices.
  • ;;rebirthdata Drop boost bonus is now calculated by rebirthing the total player's rebirth skills in Combat this includes: Attack, Strength, Defence, Prayer, Hitpoints, Magic, Ranged. Only (Summoning was discounted)


  • Fixed charm collecting priority from Legendary pet with Charms collector perk.
  • Fixed Tasks tab to show correct information about completed slayer tasks.
  • Fixed ;;leaderboard command on discord.
  • Fixed activating Veteran title in-game, this will require +500 total hours of play time.
  • Fixed Raids looting causing some items to disappear1c2938515be0ae9997a6a7e14449a366.gif
  • Leeuni's the gorrila HP has been updated to 125,000 HP.
  • Leeuni's the gorrila crystal attack timer has been extended to 8-10 seconds.


  • Fixed mining concentrated coal ores to give x5 coal instead of x1.
  • Fixed DPM counting wrong damage when using the Amethyst Staff.
  • Fixed crafting milestones requiring the player to have Invention skill level 70
  • Added Tormented Demons as active bosses in Discord events.
  • Global Events shall be activated often more than REST events.
  • Added Anvil to ;;DZ
  • Vorago fight is updated to make the HEALHBAR of Vorago disappear during the Bring him Down click phase.


As always, Enjoy the updates.. 

Sinners family ❤️ 

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