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Seven7sins Updates V9.4 (Client Update included)

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==  Version 9.4   ==

Hello everyone! The next update is here! Version 9.4 has arrived!


Discord Message Ranks Bot

The Discord bot auto was recently added to make it more fun for everyone, and to help connecting the community with each other more!

Unlike other rsps, they add generated bots to their discord servers and activate the leaderboard messages count. Here on 7Sins we have coded it uniquely on our own way


It works in such a very simple way. All you've got to do is connect your in-game account with your Discord account and then start chatting & having fun in Seven7Sins Discord channels, the messages from your user will be saved automatically and once you reach the objective target you'll receive a new rank role that will also be added to your account automatically, since our discord bot is directly conntected to the game. You shall also receive unique in-game rewards (Discord Mystery Box) after obtaining new ranks.


Have fun, look good, enjoy yourself! 🎁












Squeal Of Fortune Rewards




[+] Squeal Of Fortune new items! Most 95% items are included from RS wiki

[+] All rewards updated.

[+] Fixed Squeal Of Fortune rewards amounts to be greater than 1.
[+] Fixed Squeal Of Fortune wealth of reward to display on interface.




QoL & Bug Fixes! 

[+] Training Dummies (Hunter, Thieving, Agility, Slayer) are out now!


[+] Xenia was gone, and replaced by tu-urag! Speaking with this nice little goblin, he is the discord connector.

[+] New Discord Interface account management.

[+] Discord ranks, levels, & rewards.

[+] Discord Mystery box in-game!

[+] Set of ;;commands to use to know your current rank and total messages count.

[+] ;;rank ;;leaderboard



Due to the new updates, the client version on the website has a disabled key-binds hotkeys future. This was made to prevent the disconnections a little more, until we fix it permanently.

In the time being, if you want to have a version of the client where keybinds are enabled. You may use this version! Download link


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