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Seven7sins Updates V9.3.1

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==  Version 9.3.1   ==


Hello everyone! The next update is here! Version 9.3.0 has arrived!


Custom Raids: Kelarath's Temple



Futuring  RS3 weathers in a very custom map designed specifically for Kelarath's temple, a very dark and dangerous place with dead trees around the area. Will you survive this haunted wave castle?

The long awaited private instances have been released today. Raids lobby will be the second option teleporting using Ring of kinship after the option "Teleport to Dungeoneering Entrance", "Teleport to Raids Lobby"



From there, you are able to type ;;raids to start creating their own private group and invite others if they wish.


You can have your own team with more than just duo! 


Once you join the group the leader can start the fight and everyone will be teleported to the actual instance lobby


Where you can bank, before you enter the castle’s door

After you enter the door you’ll meet Leeuni the Boss , she’s very dangerous trained for multi fights and she will not hesitate before attacking you with her special attacks!

Your mission  is to kill the boss and find your way to the looting room where everyone get juicy loot and the ability to restart the encounter and fight again.


Good luck with your fight!


Kelarath's Temple Drop Table


  • Spear Of Annihilation (VERY_RARE) bc0873ca55cbd28c399044804d030715.png
  • 1-3 Azure Keys (VERY_RARE)
  • 3-5 Deathtouched Darts (VERY_RARE)
  • 1 Uncut Hydrix (VERY_RARE)
  • 5-25 Gem Ashes (VERY_RARE)
  • 5-25 Gem Essence (VERY_RARE)
  • 50-125 Crystal Keys (VERY_RARE)
  • 25M-75M coins (VERY_RARE)
  • 10 Elder rune bars (VERY_RARE)


RARE [5%]

  • 2-4 Sirenic Scales 
  • 2-4 Tectonic Energy
  • 2-4 Malevolent Energy 
  • 2-3 Deathtouched darts 
  • 3-10 Ancient scales 
  • 3-10 Gem Essence
  • 3-10 Gem Ashes
  • 3-5 Dark Animica
  • 3-5 Light Animica
  • 1-25 Luminite Ore
  • 25-100 Crystal Key
  • 10M-25M coins
  • Large Protean Pack




  • 1-3 Uncut Onyx
  • 1 Ore supply Box
  •  1 Gem Supply Box
  • 1 Bar Supply Box
  • 1 Fish Supply Box
  • 25 Raw Rocktails
  • 1-10 Satadomin Brew flasks
  • 1-5 Super Restore flasks
  • 1-25 Elder logs
  • 1-25 Crystal Keys
  • 5M-10M coins
  • Medium Protean Pack


COMMON [60%]

  • 10-25 Uncut Dragonstone
  • 50-125 Uncut Diamond
  • 50-125 Uncut Ruby
  • 5-25 Raw Shark
  • 25-50 Magic logs
  • 1-25 Runite ores
  • 1-25 Adamantite ores
  • 1 Infernal Ashes
  • 1 Small Protean Pack
  • 1-5 Crystal keys





QoL and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Dominion Tower unable to start fight in Fixed Mode ffadcfbc6f21d62c6300398ee46bd6ef.gif
  • Fixed inability to claim Dominion Tower Rewards  7d830ecb9ddc87fe7e21e6adefa85482.gif
  • Rebirth perks stats boost has been fixed.
  • Disabled Xuan from selling any auras, all auras shall be purchased through Aura Manager interface
  • Fixed Setting VIP Title for VIP premium members
  • Fixed gear disappearing when the player is trying to load gear through ;;presets
  • Fixed Magic notepaper to note all items for instead of one click each time 991dfa32e0de2e84b425b827ed2dfea7.gif
  • Fixed expired temporary Donor ranks to force teleport the player back to home area incase they were still in a donor zone
  • Fixed Slayer VIP tickets to grant the player 4x Slayer points for each ticket
  • Fixed Raptor's Slayer chest drop rewards Ripper Claw, Off-hand Ripper Claw, Cammel staff & Wyvern Crossbow
  • Masterwork spear of Annihiliation c093bed2ad14d00a7f3238c8b1add640.png
  • Fixed Smithing Rebirht perk 10 (Mechaniest) perk not to charge the player Coals when attempting to smelt bars
  • Fixed Hazelemere's ring (i) stats
  • Fixed Asylum's Surgeons ring (i) stats
  • Fixed ::gpr BANK SKILLS perk to automatically bank generated resources from the following skills: Fishing, Woodcutting, Mining & Crafting





Enjoy the update,

Sinners family ❤️ 

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