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Bloodstone gem (Amethyst weapons collection) official guide

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Seven7sins Bloodstone gem guide


Welcome to the official guide for the Bloodstone gem, this guide is for you to read about the Bloodstone gem guide and can be refered to as the official wiki of Seven7Sins!

This Week In RuneScape: Azzanadra's Quest

It's time to reveal a new chapter, a part of the finest collection of Amethyst weapons forged with very rare gemstones that'll require a journey across the seas to obtain, do you feel like you're up for the challenge?  Great rewards and very strong weapons awaits you to unlock and obtain! the Sinners team are back with another exciting update on the player avatar refresh. Let's take a look!


 Bloodstone gem


What is the Bloodstone gem?

The Bloodstone gem is a very powerful version of the 'Upgrade gem' it's protected by the ancient magikes power that will require true knowledge of a worthy warrior to obtain, the Upgrade gem has new "Amethyst map key" option


This option will pop-up the very ancient mystery interface that you'll require a secret pass code key to unlock.




What does the Bloodstone gem do?

Bloodstone gem can be used assemble great weapons, the new age collection of weapons that we can call "Amethyst weapons" those weapons have very strong special attacks, and tough bonuses that is worth all the sacrifice of efforts and time assembling them!



Amethyst 2h Sword

The Amethyst 2h Sword is the new age legendary weapons discovered by the true power of the ancients.


Item stats


Items required to obtain

  • 1x Dragon rider lance
  • 1x Bloodstone gem
  • 1x Superior Vesta's spear


Special attack cost: 35% powerful damage is shown below.





Amethyst 1h Crossbow

The Amethyst Crossbow is the new age legendary weapons discovered by the true power of the ancients.


Item stats



Items required to obtain

  • 1x Ascension crossbow
  • 1x Bloodstone gem
  • 1x All ruined armour pieces dopped by Tormented demon


Special attack cost: 35% powerful damage as shown below.



Amethyst Staff

The Amethyst Staff is the new age legendary weapons discovered by the true power of the ancients.


Item stats



Items required to obtain

  • 1x Polypore staff (i)
  • 1x Bloodstone gem
  • 1x Armadyl battlestaff


Special attack cost: 100% boosts your magic damage by 2x lasts for 45 seconds





How to obtain the Bloodstone gem? Full tutorial

To obtain a Bloodstone gem, you'll need a Complet bloodstone map & an Upgrade gem . You'll go through 3 stages to obtain the Bloodstone gem. This guide will explain to you in details what do you have to do in order to obtain this powerful gem that will is required to obtain the Amethyst weapons.


1.  Quest tab > Magic spellbook > 'H' key home teleport >Menaphos > Run north



Here you'll meet Azibo where you can talk to him, he'll ask you to trade 500x Chimes to trade you 'Incomplete bloodstone map'



After you trade the 500x chimes for the incomplete map you can start Step 2.




2.  Click the 'Incomplete bloodstone map' from your inventory and The glock gnome will start talking with you.





The Clockwork Gnome will task you to do 4 different tasks. You'll have to do each and every one of those tasks in order to be able to obtain the full Complete Bloodstone map, that you'll need to obtain the bloodstone gem.


(1) 5x Agility pyramid run courses



(2) Kill 49x Sophanem Slayer creature




(3) Complete 5x Skilling tasks



(4) Kill 1x Kalphite King





After you're done with all the 4 tasks! The final step is to forge a Glorious bar, as you'll need a Glorious bar to mix it up with the incomplete map in order to form the complete Bloodstone map.



For this step it's as simple as:

incomplete map + Glorious = Complete Bloodstone map 🎉

unknown.png + unknown.png = unknown.png




You have obtained the FULL Bloodstone Gem map you may now access the secret key pass that'll let you unlock the Bloodgem stone! The omplete map will grant you access to the key pass you'll need.


Note: during the player is providing the secret input on the amethyst interface it is recommended to save a screenshot of the secret pass beside your client so that it's easier to refer to the next symbol in the correct order, otherwise miss choosing the right symbols will result in damaging the character with poison damage and resetarting the process.



Now, that we have finally obtained the secret pass key we can use this the 4 symbols to unlock the Bloodstone gem and fully receive it's powers!



Congratulations, you have now obtained a Bloodstone gem!






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