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January 12, 2022 - Seven7sins Updates V9.2.8

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==  Version 9.2.8   ==

Hello everyone! The first update of 2022 has arrived! Version 9.2.8 has arrived!


Proper Aura Management System

The aura system has finally been finished being modified to a completely brand new system. You can easily access your auras, unlock new ones, activate them and, deactivate them. The update also has modifications to existing auras. Some auras have been modified and new ones have even been added! All of the auras listed in your interface manager have been updated. Any aura you have previously owned will automatically be converted and be added to the 'Owned' tab in the aura management interface.

Aura refresh tiers have also been added. You can buy a aura reset and instantly reset the timer when it's recharging! Aura refresh timers can be found as follows: Tier 1 and 2 can be found in the Voting and Trivia Shop. Tier 3 is found in the Slayer rewards and tier 4 is found in Reapers' Shop.




 Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Codices activation chance has been decreased (this is a subject to change)
  • Fixed potion timers reset
  • Disabled DTD events from Bonus well, should only now activate Double XP events.
  • You can now claim Dominion towers no issues.
  • Having aggro pot inside of gwd1 will no longer spam you.
  • Sophanem slayer dungeon has been set to a multi-area.
  • You can now prestige Hunter inside Puro-Puro
  • GPR's "Coin Drop" has been modified not to convert Non-tradeable items anymore.
  • Solak's achievement counting 3 kills per 1 has been fixed.
  • Smelting upgrade gem will now be possible if gathered materials are above +50%
  • Supreme Overload Salves will now restore prayer points while it's active.
  • Blood reaver's minions at Nex AoD hitpoints have been set to 5000



Good luck! Have fun! Enjoy the new updates!

Posted by @Tomamaru

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