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December 11, 2021 - Seven7sins Updates V9.2.7

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==  Version 9.2.7   ==

Hello everyone and happy holidays! It's time for a new update! Version 9.2.7 has arrived!


Christmas Event

Santa needs your help! You can find him at ;;home. Follow the hints on the board close to him and you will be provided with the option to STEAL presents. Presents may also be obtained through skilling, bossing or, playing minigames. Presents obtained through any means other than stealing will be required you to return them to Santa to clear your conscious for thinking about stealing them. No matter what method you choose to get presents you will get rewarded. The board close to Santa will also show you the statistics of the presents retrieved so far and also tell you who among your fellow players are naughty and who are nice! Make sure to check it out in-game!




Auto-prestige system AP 

The auto-prestige system is a newly introduced system upon player request. No longer will you have to stop slaying, teleport away, prestige and then teleport back to the same place just to do it again for each rank. All the security checks are gone! You're now able to prestige whenever and wherever you'd like! As of right now, the only way to be able to auto-prestige is through vote books. Each vote book you use will give you 30 minutes of auto-prestige. Which means you can go skill, slay or do anything you'd like and the system will automatically prestige for you when you're ready!

  • Prestige will no longer stop your actions when it's processed.
  • Prestige will no longer reset your level back 90, 80, 70 ..and so on.
  • Prestige will now only take extra EXPERIENCE player has made and reset back the skill to 13,034,431 experience (level 99)



Potion and Timers 

Just like the new prestige system, potion timers have been added to the game upon request. Such a great QoL update! It will automatically adjust it's position according to your screen mode.

The timers supports:

  • Double XP tickets
  • Double drops tickets
  • Auto-prestige timer
  • Vengeance, Disruption shield
  • Overload, Aggroverload, Anti-fire, Anti-poison potions
  •  Bonfire timer




 Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Back-end system for Items, items now have attributes system. Which is an unlimited space of memory where we can set attributes and data to all of the items easily. This is the best way to implement a sleek Invention system. We can now assign the gizmo attributes, and other data we need for invention using this system. So we've taken the necessary steps to start finishing the Invention system.
  • Added Tusken points to tasks tab.
  • Fixed Daily challenges on login reset.
  • Fixed Crystal chest sign spot.
  • Fixed Skilling chinchompas for Mining, Fishing & Woodcutting.
  • Fixed inability to access the gamble at the home bank.
  • Removed requirements from using ;;GPR commands they are now FREE again.
  • Fixed ability codices dealing low damages and not calculating correct hits.
  • Removed hard items required to obtain codices to assemble a codex, you now only need Codex pages!
  • Elder rune and other gear from smithing re-work will no longer give crazy HP.
  • All HP+ gains from these gears have been divided by 10. For example if an Elder rune platebody +5 used to give 2400 HP, it will now only give 240. Which is the correct amount.
  • Gold/experience has been updated. You'll no longer get crazy gp for just skilling/combat. The new formula now works as follows:
  • 0.001 x XP_DROP x REBIRTH_RANK_IN_SKILL i.e. You're at Rebirth 10 Fishing, and you are gaining 500k xp/fish, then that would be 0.001 x 500k x 10 = 5k gp each action. Much more balanced!
  • The Bonfire HP% percentage buff rate has been changed from Firemaking level to Rebirth level in Firemaking. Increase your Firemaking in order to gain additional HP boost from bonfires.
  • All the Magic spells have been buffed 200% how they were. Again, Magic is now powerful, try it


Good luck! Have fun! Enjoy the new updates!

Posted by @Tomamaru





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