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November 30, 2021 - Seven7sins Updates V9.2.6

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==  Version 9.2.6   ==

Hello everyone! It's time for a new update! Version 9.2.6 has arrived!


Official Pre-EoC Codex Abilities

The system is done 100%! Players are now able to obtain their special codex abilities and unlock various RS3 EoC abilities! Upon logging in, you'll find a Codex page has been put in your inventory or bank. You can then click the codex page in order to learn about assembling different codices! The rebirth shop you can access from talking to Malak has been also packed with new codices that you can buy.

  • - Codex are NOT TRADEABLE items!
  • - You need some items to assemble a codex!
  • - Accessing the "Codex Page" will tell you what items you need in order to obtain a certain codex!
  • - Once obtaining the codex, it activates automatically.
  • - Obtained codices CANNOT be lost! They're permanent!





Game Point Rewards (;;GPR) System Revamp 

The new official rework of game points rewards system has arrived! Along with the additions of new ;;GPR perks in-game, you can now get a perk that allows you to place your cannon anywhere. You can now activate your perks for more than just an hour and, so much more!





Drop Loot Prediction Made Easier

Curious about what your look will look like after killing a boss X amount of times? Type the name of the boss, the amount of kills you'd like to check and you will be given a table that will predict what look you will receive! Make your next bossing trip worth the grind!





 Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Kalphite King sometimes following you home when you runaway from the fight, what a noob though!
  • Fixed Prestige/Rebirth to stop actions. No longer hacking the system!
  • Fixed Dominion Tower not allowing you to enter the fight.
  • Fixed starter tutorial displaying wrong XP rates.
  • Fixed achievement to make one rune platebody.
  • Custom title requirement has been set to Diamond ranks++.
  •  Removed clan banks commands completely.
  • Fixed dyeing Blightbounds crossbows, and other variants to dye correctly with a proper dialogue confirmation.
  • Fixed Dragon hatchet achievement
  • Fixed Magic log achievement
  • Fixed Master smither 1 achievement
  • Fixed Dungeoneering panel ring not showing up.
  • Fixed Smithing in Dungeoneering 100%.
  • Buffed ascension key parts drops from Legios
  • Added more loot to Legios drop tables.
  • Added gem essences to Legios drop tbales.
  • Fixed aggression message error spam on slayer task .
  • Fixed closing XP pop-up.
  • Fixed discord bossing events highlights displaying null data {npc_name}..etc
  • Fixed Saradomin not counting towards discord bossing event
  • Fixed Kalphite King, Queen black dragon npot counting towards discord event
  • Grotworms don't give progression to slayer task and have 50k hp FIXED
  • Fixed Slayer gem dialogue not doing anything.
  • Harvesting a magic tree doesn't complete the "fall harvest" achievement FIXED
  • Added Lumbridge basement entrance!
  • Fixed Elite dark beast hydrix bolt tips drops to 1-25.
  • Fixed being able to obtain duplicate items of Skilling sets.
  • Fixed proper News for obtaining a full skilling set.
  • Cluescroll dyes have been removed from prestige shop
  • Fixed Zaryte bow, chaotic maul, Dragonrider lance and Armadyl crossbow styles.


Good luck! Have fun! Enjoy the new updates!

Posted by @Tomamaru

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