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October 30, 2021 - Seven7sins Updates V9.2.3

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Version 9.2.3 update has arrived!


Mining & Smithing Full RS3 rework

It's here. Starting off mining, we have implemented perfect emulation of RS3 Mining rework with 2 HP bars that will pop up when you're doing Mining action, and Critical swings formulas. Smithing Rework is also here; Starting off Bronze bars, all the way up to Glorious bars. You can smith all items that are found on RS3, everything has the correct stats according to the RS3 formula. We took care of the slightest of details. Even the Steel + 1 items have been added with correct stats. Who can firstly obtain Masterwork gear? Try it out in-game b46c026e1487b47e57dae3cbf6187f54.gif https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/821898483702300692/899885067013324831/rxButk9fl8.mp4 dc21e779067db9ab334f1ebac8972916.gif 0zsqCzw.gif


Discord core end rework

Yes it's more of a core update, but we have now separated our discord bot application from the server. Preparing for the huge usage for the future of our discord bot. We figured out it's best to separate the application from the server application. We can now restart the bot, update the bot without requiring to restart the server. Discord bot will be updated more in the future, you'll love the minigames we'll add for you!


Magic Buff

Finally; After long time. We know that Melee is decent, Ranged is overpowered. And Magic is mostly never used. We have decided to change this by Buffing Magic. All of the Magic spells damage has been buffed by +50% more power. This is a subject to change! we may increase Magic power even more. So might as well, try out Magic now and let us know what you think!


Changes & Bug fixes

[+] Added World message: Speak with a Challenge Mistress if you would like block some Daily Challenges skills

[+] Tier 90 boots (Frostflare, Emberkeen, Hailfire) boots no longer degrade.

[+] Added a right-click option to all Super mystery boxes to view it's possible loot.

[+] Nex Shadow phase damage has been nerfed from 1500-2000 to 500-900 damage.


Item bonuses stats changes

The following Ranged equipment has gained Ranged str bonuses:

- Armadyl, Elite Armadyl

- Pernix, Elite Pernix

- Sirenic

- Super Morrigans

The following weapons has been rebalanced in regards of stats:

- Chaotic Maul has been buffed +125% to it's original stats

- Golden Chaotic Maul has been buffed +25% to new C maul

Bulk buffed items:

 - Khopesh of the kharidian

- Off-hand khopesh of the kharidian

- Khopesh of tumeken

- Khopesh of eledinis

- Drygore longsword

- Drygore off-hand londsword

- Drygore rapier

- Drygore off-hand rapier

- Drygore mace

- Drygore off-hand mace


The following items have gained prayer bonus and equivalent str bonus:

- Emberkeen boots

- Frostflare boots

- Hailfire boots


unknown.png Yo


You better be ready as we will start bringing crazy updates to Combat; Improve discord events weekly-events & Re-work Rebirth all together.


Much love, SeptoX team 

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