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October 14, 2021 - Seven7sins Updates V9.2.2

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Hello SeptoXians, I am sorry for not posting much on forums as I was more focused into bringing best updates and posting on discord! However, from now on, I will try my best to make the forums more active.


Version 9.2.2 update has arrived


New Home!

We have moved up our home into the area that won the voting poll Woody Woody! Upon logging in, if you were at old home area you'll automatically be teleported to the new home area. Preparing for Mining & Smithing rework in the new home area we have added the Furnace, Forge, and Anvils.


Weekly Discord Event

We have finally finished working on Discord Event, thanks to our development team for all the hard work and effort. The first weekly event is now live weekly-events everything is handled automatically by ours systems. All you have to do, is check the current event Type and read the rules for it tells you what gains most points.


When the time is up. Event winners will be announced on weekly-events if you're a winner, your account will be credited X tokens according to your place on event. Then you can speak with Xenia at ;;home and ask her to convert the tokens into real in-game tokens where you can spend on Discord event goodies.

Remember that in order to participate in any of the events you must ;;link your account bots ! Good luck everyone as my alt is now Top #1 on the current active event. 7bb2a792d10709851770bab5059a6f21.png

c48b551c1918609fe0747d363d5536ba.gif fe63299052e7088ad27d606fd15facfa.png


First time login mystery box

We advertise the server that we are giving out free mystery boxes to new comers. Though, it's been an old advertisement, we have decided to rebirth this by giving everyone a chance on receiving good loot by doing ;;freembox on login. In order to claim your 2x Free Super mystery boxes you've got to ;;link your account bots !

All accounts have been unlinked, if you've previously linked your account please ;;link your account again!


Changes & Bug fixes

- PvM Shops have been updated some supplies were removed

 - Equipment tab is now fully functionable. - Toolbelt interface will now show up correctly.

- Toolbelt will automatically grant you all the tools required, saving you time buying them off the general store.

- Customization button will now open up Cosmetics interface.

- Fixed Halloween black screen on completing event.

- Fixed Halloween blockage when a player is doing Tiles minigame.


Thank you, SeptoX Development Team ❤️ 

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