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Seven7Sins Halloween Event

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SeptoX 2021 Halloween Update!


Shadies and Gentleghouls.... Mwa haha ha haaa ha..... it’s halloween!! For this week only there are some spooky halloween events running:



  • Party Demon world event: The party demon is spawned very 3 hours by server time. The demon has 100,000 hit points! All weapons are allowed, and there's no restriction on using the Boogie bow in order to damage the demon or whatsoever. The maximum damage can be dealt in One hit is 1,000 hit. It's Multi-Area Boss so that you can invite your friends, gear up and get ready for an Epic fight! Be careful, during the fight. The Party demon targets one Player randomly and hit them with Special attack 7 different hits with a random damage up to 150 per hit! Can you survive the FIRE?  🔥


  • The party demon has been developed to record the damage dealt by all the players around fighting the Boss, so that, the reward is distributed accordingly, the higher the damage you dealt the better the loot it is!
  • It is important to also know that the loot size is direct proportional to the damage dealt on the demon, the formula for loot size: TOTAL_DAMAGE / 5,000 (i.g. 20k damage in one fight =  20k/5k= 4 items)
  • In order to obtain a loot from killing this Boss, you must dealt at least 10,000 damage on the demon!

Below is the Drop table:

        //ITEM_NAME(itemId, rate, minimumAmount, maximumAmount),
        SEARING_ASHES(34160, 100.0, 1, 1),
		ECTOPLASM(25355, 100.0, 50, 500),
		ACTIVE_ECTOPLASM(32378, 50.0, 1, 2),
		COINS(995, 100.0, 50000, 500000),
		RUNE_FULL_HELM(1164, 40.0, 1, 20),
		RUNE_PLATELEGS(1080, 40.0, 1, 20),
		RUNE_PLATEBODY(1128, 40.0, 1, 20),
		RUNE_KITESHIELD(1202, 40.0, 1, 20),
		BATTLESTAFF(1392, 45.0, 1, 20),
		ONYX_BOLTS_E(9245, 25.0, 50, 250),
		HYDRIX_BOLT_TIPS(31867, 23.0, 25, 200),
		RAW_SHARK(384, 42.0, 100, 300),
		RAW_ROCKTAIL(15271, 43.0, 75, 300),
		ROCKTAIL(15273, 43.0, 75, 300),
		YEW_LOGS(1516, 42.0, 50, 200),
		MAGIC_LOGS(1514, 39.0, 50, 200),
		ADAMANTITE_ORE(450, 37.0, 30, 200),
		RUNITE_ORE(452, 36.0, 30, 200),
		COAL(454, 55.0, 200, 350),
		ADAMANT_BAR(2362, 37.0, 1, 50),
		RUNE_BAR(2364, 34.0, 1, 50),
		BLACK_DRAGON_LEATHER(2510, 54.0, 1, 50),
		ROYAL_DRAGON_LEATHER(24375, 3.0, 1, 50),
		UNCUT_DIAMOND(1618, 60.0, 1, 150),
		UNCUT_DRAGONSTONE(1632, 39.0, 1, 150),
		YEW_SEED(5315, 40.0, 1, 30),
		MAGIC_SEED(5316 , 20.0, 1, 30),
		GRIMY_RANARR(208, 60.0, 1, 75),
		GRIMY_IRIT(210, 50.0, 1, 75),
		GRIMY_KWUARM(214, 45.0, 1, 75),
		GRIMY_CADANTINE(216, 53.0, 1, 75),
		GRIMY_DWAF_WEED(218, 52.0, 1, 75),
		GRIMY_TORSTOL(220, 22.0, 1, 75),
		GRIMY_LANTADYME(2486, 34.0, 1, 75),
		GRIMY_SNAPDRAGON(3052, 35.0, 1, 75),
		GRIMY_BLOODWEED(37975, 36.0, 1, 75),
		EXTREME_ATTACK(26613, 35.0, 1, 25),
		EXTREME_STRENGTH(26617, 35.0, 1, 25),
		EXTREME_DEFENCE(26621, 35.0, 1, 25),
		EXTREME_MAGIC(26625, 35.0, 1, 25),
		EXTREME_RANGING(26629, 35.0, 1, 25),
		SARADOMIN_BREW(23352, 33.2, 1, 25),
		SUPER_RESTORE_FLASK(23400, 33.2, 1, 25),
		PRAYER_RENEWAL_FLASK(23610, 34.5, 1, 25),
		SMALL_PROTEAN_PACK(34023, 63.0, 1, 1),
		SIRENIC_SCALE(29863, 9.0, 1, 1),
		DEATH_TOUCHED_DART(25202, 50.0, 1, 3),
		KEY_TOKEN(24154, 63.0, 1, 1),
		D_KEY_TOKEN(24155, 60.0, 1, 1),
		MEDIUM_PROTEAN_PACK(34024, 40.0, 1, 1),
		RARE_ITEM_TOKEN(34027, 10.0, 1, 1),
		CRYSTAL_KEY(990, 40.0, 1, 10),
		UNCUT_ONYX(6571, 20.0, 1, 1),
		HOLY_OVL(33247, 33.0, 1, 15),
		SUPREME_OVL(33223, 33.0, 1, 15),
		AGGRO_POT(37940, 31.0, 1, 10),
		LARGE_PROTEAN_PACK(34025, 20.0, 1, 1),
		INCOMPLETE_HYDRIX(31851, 9.0, 1, 1)



  •  SeptoX Halloween Event:  You can start the event by typing ;;hween as this command will teleport you near Clan Citadel where you will find Pumpkin pete, standing beside a large red porta. Speak to him, and then he should teleport you to The Witch's House where you can start the Sp0o0ky night!




  • After reading the rules, find the room where the 'Fame is located in and talk with her,  she's the main character for the event.

It is recommend to put on this lovely background music for the best experience!

  • Once you are there, you may begin the event by talking with her!



  • She will be guiding you through the whole event, all you have to do is to pick the right answers and continue to follow up! It's so much fun and I will quickly breakdown to you a guide on how to do the event!
  • The event consist of 5-Phases:


First phase: She will ask you to go upstairs to find a diary for the night, you will need this item to continue to phase two! The item is found upstairs under one of the beds, once you're upstairs you will also see Spooky Ghosts floating around, make sure not to attack them during phase one you're not allowed to fight any ghosts just yet, and also be sure not to search anything in downstairs as the Witch has their guardians watching over the place and you will be sent to Death. Once you find the paper, return back to her, if you didn't read it she'll ask you to!





Once you hand her the paper after reading it, you'll notice now that the affection level has been increased with the Witch! So, you are now are able to start Phase two.


Second phase (Tile's Minigame): Since the update has come out earlier than this update thread, it has come to our notice that some of the players weren't able to still finish the tile's minigame just yet because of the advanced mechanic of the tile system so let me explain it for you!





Once your outside, all you have to do is locate the Tile's stage and find the Orange tile to begin the minigame!

e65454be66600f165057f2402628f4c5.png 60 seconds to finish the minigame.


Once you click I'm ready to start, the Timer will start and you will have 60 seconds to finish the minigame! 

There are 8 different tiles, you always begin the minigame on the Orange tile, to win in this minigame you will have to figure out the correct order for the colored tiles and make sure that you jump on each color on the correct order.



In case you clicked the wrong tile, you will lose an attempt (You have 6 wrong attempts) on picking the next tile to jump on, once you run out of attempts or run out of time, you will lose the game!


You have got to make sure you're clicking on the correct tiles or else you will be dragged back and damaged!



The trick to finish the minigame:

3c4233955d2dd66a2dcb952c61d55014.png Each time you attempt to play the minigame you are given a new shuffled tile order!

[1st tile, 2nd tile, 3rd tile, 4th tile, 5th tile, 6th tile, 7th tile, 8th tile]

Every time, the first 1st tile is going to be [5] which means the 'Orange' tile indicates the number 5.

The rest of the numbers are shuffled every time!

So to figure out the correct patters, you have gotta DANCE! for sometime and be clever enough to notice the correct tiles numbers and their correspond numbers.


*Quick hint ;) the Orange color id is 5, and the Green color id is 0*

In this case The Tile Order is: [5, 7, 3, 4, 6, 0, 2, 1]

 [1st jump Orange, 2nd jump Color, 3rd jump Color, 4th jump Color, 5th jump Color,  6th jump Green,  7th jump Color, 8th jump Color]

Which means you have gotta figure out the right ids for each color so that you can jump on the colors in the correct order!

Can you figure out the correct pattern for each Color tile? 🔥


After that you may return back to the Witch in order to continue to phase 3. 




Third phase:  You want to increase the Trust level for each phase, so you in this phase you will want to gift the Witch something to make her happy! To begin this phase, you must return back to the Witch after finishing Phase 2 and then ask her what should you do next!


After talking with her, what you should be doing will be shown up in the dialogue and then she'll pretend she hasn't seen anything and ask you if you are drunk, and then you will act normal and behave as you will go outside and grab a drink!


After that you will have to get outside and talk with Zabeth, he's very drunk but he will offer to help you if you give him a drink, then you will have to go searching for his drink!


Once you've got his drink, just return back to him and he give it to him, he will give you back a Bone brooch and A jug of wine!


All that you need to do is drink the jug of wine, and go back to Witch to gift her the brooch.

After she takes the brooch, Trust level will increase to '3' and you're now ready for Phase 4.


Fourth phase: This one is where fighting will get involved! To begin, as always, just talk with the Witch and she will challenge you to kill 20 spooky ghosts that are located up-stairs.


After that, you will have to find the stairs, and then head up-stairs. Click on any of the spooky monsters and then choose 'Interact'


After that, they will spawn into different monsters (Earth, Water, Fire, Air wizards [2.5k HP]) or (Melzar the Mad, Grandpa Zombie [5k HP]). After killing them they will drop the following items:


Coins 5k-500k (100% chance)

Ectoplasm 3-23 (100% chance) [Can be used to purchase items from Halloween's shop]

Active Ectoplasm x1 (10%) <- when activated 652d0c1d3fc7151bf4383f853e31c516.png


After killing 20 spooky ghosts, you may now return to the Witch to finish this stage!



Last phase: Will require 100 physical interactions with the Witch! Once you are done, speak to 'Fame again and she will handing the event's rewards to you, as you are now done with 2021 Halloween's event.




After you're done with the event,  Speak to 'Fame again, she'll increase the Trust level to 5, and things don't stop there! You will unlock unlimited access to:



Collect Ectplasms by Killing Spo0o0oky ghosts and then talk with 'Fame to purchase Halloween holiday limited rewards!





Please note - The halloween event will be removed next week. The seasonal unlocked halloween emotes/items will remain, but only for those lucky enough to unlock them this week! All the spooky ghosts, fame, party demon will vanish.


- SeptoX team

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