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🏆Vote Event (October 2021)

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October, 2021 Vote event



Hello all you wonderful players of SeptoX!

While @Jessicais busy working on updates to make the server the best she can, we are having a vote event for October! Voting is very important to make sure the server gets noticed by keeping it high in the top-lists. Make sure you vote as much as you can to make sure SeptoX gets the playerbase that it deserves!




Event starts: October 1st, 2020

Event ends: October 31th, 2020



This event has 3 possible winners.

Place #1: 1x Azure key, 1x Super Mystery box, 1x Pet Mystery box
Place #2:
1x Super mystery box, 1x pet mystery box
Place #3: 1x super mystery box


Whoever is top voter also receives Top-Voter-png-fed170bfe421ef6aa51c8a2225on their forums profile for a month.


Terms & Conditions:

  • Like usual, the use of a VPN is forbidden and you will be disqualified from the event if you are reported and we find you to be guilty. Please keep this event legitimate and support SeptoX with good intentions.


Good luck and Happy Halloween!,

Forum Moderator Tomamaru


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