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Staff application by: RoyalFlush

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Royalflush - Real name: Richard

Time played (Please provide a screenshot )
89 hours,  

GMT+1 (Amsterdam)

Any past staff experiences?:
Lots of experience, I've been moderator/ Administrator/ Co-owner. In addition too this I've also been Game master and Executive Game master on a WoW PS.

Why should we choose you over other applicants?:
I'm an active player that is spending my time to enjoy myself and help out others/ to learn myself and grow in knowledge. Friendly and chatty with already a few friends in-game.

Do you feel confident about your game knowledge?:
Yes i'm confident

Tell us a little about yourself:
26 years of age, studying for logistics teamleader second year and coming from an whole other proffesion "Carpenter" so it has been qiuet a switch.
Often you can find me even when i'm offline on discord, just tag me and i'll be there.

Anything else we should know?:
Not really, I'm an open book. Ask me anything you want to know! :D


Time played Septox.png

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