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Septox Prestige 101. **UPDATED NOVEMBER 21, 2020**

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Septox Prestige 101


Hello friends of the Septox community. Today I am going to make a quick guide on how to prestige and what benefits you can get from the prestige shops.


First I will cover the experience needed for each game mode to prestige a skill. In Septox you prestige skills individually to get some cool rewards.



Prestige 1 - 4:  50m

Prestige 5-7: 104m

Prestige 8-10: 150m


Prestige 1 - 4:  25m

Prestige 5-7:  53m

Prestige 8-10:  75m


Prestige 1 - 4:  12.5m

Prestige 5-7: 28m

Prestige 8-10: 38m


In order to prestige your skill you must hit the above experience for the game mode you chose when you joined the server. Then you must not be in dungeoneering, fighting anything or wearing anything with exception of auras.

After you meet the above you simply click on the skill and click prestige.   


JT8yv4u.png          Z33M1eL.png

Once you reach the milestone of 1, 4, 7, and 10  you can click on the number in the skill screen and receive a reward as well as each skill has certain rewards you can claim at different prestige levels. 


Each time you prestige you will earn prestige points that can be used in the prestige shops found at the Wise Old Man. 






You prestige points can be found in your Task System tab near all of the other points you will earn while playing the server




Thanks for checking out my guide. 


**~~** Formatting changes to come **~~**



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