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  1. jessica is amazing and a super cool friend makes good content and is easy to talk to and approach when needed toma so helpful helped me when i started sigil has so much server info if u stuck ask him havent met the other staffs yet but im sure they are great as are all septox staff
  2. gee handsome huh crowded or not jessica will be my fave ❤️
  3. thankyou jessica you are an amazing person a good friend and a special lady x
  4. bring in the slayer helmet upgrades from rs3 whereas each upgrade from 1-3 adds 5% then 10% then 15% damage against slayer task npcs
  5. lets break the record then haha a place is only as good as its leader though ❤️
  6. my aim is to have fun and obtain a max cape hope to make some good friends along the way
  7. hi septox community i am rampage aka danny been playing runescape too many years and came here for a new place to have fun and make friends away from old crowds hope to see you all ingame and gl with your gainz ps. JESSICA IS AMAZING and no i wasnt paid to say it 😛
  8. lets get to know the people we play with post one fact about yourself nobody knows yet!! ill go first im 1.97m tall or 6'4 and british
  9. good work jessica keep dancing for them geepees
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