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  1. to SevenSins! Join our discord in a few steps you can link your user game account with your discord to receive 2 FREE Super Mystery Boxes as a warm welcome! How to Start Playing Choose your favourite gaming username and pick a password of your choice. Registration is not required to play the server! Just memorize the chosen pic First: Login follow the instruction and choose your favorite style. Choose your fixed customized Rebirth/Prestige Game-mode
  2. Start Playing Seven7Sins Today for Free! First time Client login Tutorial Step 1: Head to Settings Step 2: Click Custom Step 3: Make sure you are on OpenGL✅ graphics settings If you were able to switch your graphic settings to OpenGL, or found yourself on it. Then please go ahead, close the settings, login and play. You can skip the java version part. Recommended Java version This guide is for the user who are facing troubles switching to OpenGL please make sure to follow this guide! Step 1: Locate the Official Oracl
  3. Version 9.5 Hey 'Sinners, Another update! MORE SOF REWARDS? SLAYER MASKS HERE! We've been continuing to improve and refine the Squeal Of Fortune experience over the past few updates. Our last major update focused on adding more transparency, primarily through redefining & updating almost all rewards from official RS wiki. We've been continuing to improve and refine the Squeal Of Fortune experience over the past few updates. Our last major update focused on adding more transparency, primarily through redefining & updating almost all rewards from official R
  4. Version 9.5 Hey 'Sinners, Before we get into updates. Make sure to check the Package Bundle Store update here, become a Sinner supporter. Mini/Full packages have been included for you! If you are a Runescape PVM player who knows what they're doing, you'll know these package are gold. Each package is designed to award the player with the gear, supplies, accessories they need to start grinding on active Bosses. MORE SOF REWARDS? SLAYER MASKS HERE! We've been continuing to improve and refine the Squeal Of Fortune experience over the
  5. == Version 9.4 == Hello everyone! The next update is here! Version 9.4 has arrived! Discord Message Ranks Bot The Discord bot auto was recently added to make it more fun for everyone, and to help connecting the community with each other more! Unlike other rsps, they add generated bots to their discord servers and activate the leaderboard messages count. Here on 7Sins we have coded it uniquely on our own way It works in such a very simple way. All you've got to do is connect your in-game account with your Discord account and then start chatting & hav
  6. == Version 9.3.1 == Hello everyone! The next update is here! Version 9.3.0 has arrived! Custom Raids: Kelarath's Temple Futuring RS3 weathers in a very custom map designed specifically for Kelarath's temple, a very dark and dangerous place with dead trees around the area. Will you survive this haunted wave castle? The long awaited private instances have been released today. Raids lobby will be the second option teleporting using Ring of kinship after the option "Teleport to Dungeoneering Entrance", "Teleport to Raids Lobby" Fro
  7. Seven7sins Bloodstone gem guide Welcome to the official guide for the Bloodstone gem, this guide is for you to read about the Bloodstone gem guide and can be refered to as the official wiki of Seven7Sins! It's time to reveal a new chapter, a part of the finest collection of Amethyst weapons forged with very rare gemstones that'll require a journey across the seas to obtain, do you feel like you're up for the challenge? Great rewards and very strong weapons awaits you to unlock and obtain! the Sinners team are back with another exciting update on the player avatar refres
  8. Version 9.2.4 update has arrived! New Rebirth XP Formula! After some time of studying how formulas work, and how big known games create formulas. We have come to a point where we have created our own XP formula! For new players, please let me explain to you the changes: Previously: our XP formula was dependent upon your Rebirth rank, at Rebirth rank 0 you'd get a x600 XP rate and each time you advance a rebirth rank the XP rate gets reduced by x-50, so at Rebirth rank 1 your XP rate would be x550 XP rate so on.. New Formula: The New XP formula is very sol
  9. Version 9.2.3 update has arrived! Mining & Smithing Full RS3 rework It's here. Starting off mining, we have implemented perfect emulation of RS3 Mining rework with 2 HP bars that will pop up when you're doing Mining action, and Critical swings formulas. Smithing Rework is also here; Starting off Bronze bars, all the way up to Glorious bars. You can smith all items that are found on RS3, everything has the correct stats according to the RS3 formula. We took care of the slightest of details. Even the Steel + 1 items have been added with correct stats. Who can firstly obtain
  10. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/826924099468787724/903342574759206922/seven_sins_roxo.png Hello SeptoXians, I am sorry for not posting much on forums as I was more focused into bringing best updates and posting on discord! However, from now on, I will try my best to make the forums more active. Version 9.2.2 update has arrived New Home! We have moved up our home into the area that won the voting poll Woody Woody! Upon logging in, if you were at old home area you'll automatically be teleported to the new home area. Preparing for Mining & Smi
  11. Hey everyone, This month's winner (July 2021) is @Ironic . You may contact SeptoX Administration to receive your 3x Super mystery box reward! You have also won a discord's title and will be applied to your for the entire month. Thank you to everyone who voted and participated! See you guys next month. SeptoX Administration Team
  12. Hi everyone, Vote for who you think deserves POTM (Player Of The Month) for the month of July! Poll ends after 3 days from original post date! Best of luck to everyone. Rules & Information: - The winner of this months POTM will win 3 Rebirth Mystery boxes (can be claimed on any game mode), a forum award, and also be in-game title 'Player Of The Month' for an entire month. - If you are caught asking others to come vote for you, your name will be removed from the poll. - If you are caught voting multiple times on multiple different accounts
  13. Welcome to the Official SeptoX server!! We are overjoyed to have you and hope you will enjoy your stay here. This server supply a lovely place for everyone to discuss all different aspects of the game, and generally gather the community to connect with each other and make the best memories as One family, so it’s not limited to only game, but you’re welcome to also open all type of discussions. With all types of discussions we may have here! There are some rules, which everyone has to follow. Kindly note that the following rules must be sticked to while being here: In-Game Rules
  14. Seven7sins RSPS - The Best RSPS Experience Dear Septoxians, we have been working behind the scenes on some amazing things for you here's a little sneak peak of Temple Of Aminshi (Ultimate Gem Ashes 💎) This is the full version: temple of Aminshi You can read more and explore here! 5 exclusive rooms All monsters inspired by Jagex. This includes: all mini bosses, 3 main bosses. Correct combat scripts inspired by Jagex. Auto loot treasure chest functionality to toggle loot Create your GIM (Group Ironman) and compete in t
  15. SeptoX RSPS Competition. Hi folks, We've been hosting a Halloween's custom spooky effect competition, we were originally planning to use the effect for future updates and to apply these effects on Custom weapons and custom gear (Different type of content!) The way the competition work, *must have joined our discord's server*, heading to #server-media discord channel. To participate the command to apply effects is ;;spookme in-game, players were able to choose their custom color ids to generate a full-body-color-effect following up a formula and t
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