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    • Version 9.2.4 update has arrived!    New Rebirth XP Formula! After some time of studying how formulas work, and how big known games create formulas. We have come to a point where we have created our own XP formula! For new players, please let me explain to you the changes:   Previously: our XP formula was dependent upon your Rebirth rank, at Rebirth rank 0 you'd get a x600 XP rate and each time you advance a rebirth rank the XP rate gets reduced by x-50, so at Rebirth rank 1 your XP rate would be x550 XP rate so on.. New Formula:  The New XP formula is very solid and applies heavily the perfect concept of "The further you go, the harder it becomes!", Say goodbye to the too grindy old XP formula, and enjoy the XP update! I am sure most of you are gamers on top tier level, meaning you've played a lot of games! If you noticed, playing any game; the game is very easy at first. And then after you level up, it becomes harder and harder! So this formula we have got here applies this concept perfectly. Details: Where ActionXP is the amount of experience from action. Where n is your total prestige ranks in the specific skill. Where t is your total levels in the specific skill. Where d is your current Rebirth rank in the specific skill.   After also testing this formula, it works perfectly. On your first Rebirth you will be able to get Prestige rank thieving pretty quickly.   We have also added a tutorial to new players that will guide them from step 1 all the way to point they can advance a new prestige rank!    Website changes & Black Friday SALE Website store page rework: https://septox-ps.com/store/ - You can now add products to your cart instantly, no longer require in-game username. However, to check out you must provide your username. - Emptying your shopping cart should now function perfectly. - We're in 2021 now. Each time you add a new product to your cart the page should no longer reload. So you can now add as many products as you want into your cart without a single page reload. - The webstore has been done very professionally, it feels nice adding products, and emptying your shopping cart without having to reload. - Black Friday sale is now LIVE, we have activated a donation event where you will be getting all of your donations back x1.5 the original amount!   Discord Bot Black Jack GP Gambling To all gambling lovers, here's our very first mode of gambling your GP wealth in-game through discord, by playing Black jack minigame! To begin, locate Xenia at home and speak with her.   Choose 'Discord Account Management' Option and then choose 'Discord Dicing Bank' option   After that, you will be presented with 2 different options, 'Withdraw your GP' & 'Deposit GP'; this is how you will be able to convert your in-game gp coins into credits that you can gamble through the discord bot bots after you deposit some gp to your account, simply go to bots channel and start playing some black jack by doing /blackjack . After you have made profit, speak with Xenia to withdraw your profits, or if you'd like to deposit more GP! Any gp deposited is not lost, as you can always withdraw your gp.   We plan to place some requirements, and apply some limitations to gambling your in-game wealth, however we have not placed any limits on the gp withdrawing/depositing at the moment so that @everyone can gamble and have some fun!   Double XP weekend is LIVE, I would love to see players advancing high rebirth ranks on the skills they don't like now!   Enjoy the update, SeptoX team! ❤️ 
    • Version 9.2.3 update has arrived!   Mining & Smithing Full RS3 rework It's here. Starting off mining, we have implemented perfect emulation of RS3 Mining rework with 2 HP bars that will pop up when you're doing Mining action, and Critical swings formulas. Smithing Rework is also here; Starting off Bronze bars, all the way up to Glorious bars. You can smith all items that are found on RS3, everything has the correct stats according to the RS3 formula. We took care of the slightest of details. Even the Steel + 1 items have been added with correct stats. Who can firstly obtain Masterwork gear? Try it out in-game https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/821898483702300692/899885067013324831/rxButk9fl8.mp4   Discord core end rework Yes it's more of a core update, but we have now separated our discord bot application from the server. Preparing for the huge usage for the future of our discord bot. We figured out it's best to separate the application from the server application. We can now restart the bot, update the bot without requiring to restart the server. Discord bot will be updated more in the future, you'll love the minigames we'll add for you!   Magic Buff Finally; After long time. We know that Melee is decent, Ranged is overpowered. And Magic is mostly never used. We have decided to change this by Buffing Magic. All of the Magic spells damage has been buffed by +50% more power. This is a subject to change! we may increase Magic power even more. So might as well, try out Magic now and let us know what you think!   Changes & Bug fixes [+] Added World message: Speak with a Challenge Mistress if you would like block some Daily Challenges skills [+] Tier 90 boots (Frostflare, Emberkeen, Hailfire) boots no longer degrade. [+] Added a right-click option to all Super mystery boxes to view it's possible loot. [+] Nex Shadow phase damage has been nerfed from 1500-2000 to 500-900 damage.   Item bonuses stats changes The following Ranged equipment has gained Ranged str bonuses: - Armadyl, Elite Armadyl - Pernix, Elite Pernix - Sirenic - Super Morrigans The following weapons has been rebalanced in regards of stats: - Chaotic Maul has been buffed +125% to it's original stats - Golden Chaotic Maul has been buffed +25% to new C maul Bulk buffed items:  - Khopesh of the kharidian - Off-hand khopesh of the kharidian - Khopesh of tumeken - Khopesh of eledinis - Drygore longsword - Drygore off-hand londsword - Drygore rapier - Drygore off-hand rapier - Drygore mace - Drygore off-hand mace   The following items have gained prayer bonus and equivalent str bonus: - Emberkeen boots - Frostflare boots - Hailfire boots   Yo   You better be ready as we will start bringing crazy updates to Combat; Improve discord events weekly-events & Re-work Rebirth all together.   Much love, SeptoX team 
    • https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/826924099468787724/903342574759206922/seven_sins_roxo.png Hello SeptoXians, I am sorry for not posting much on forums as I was more focused into bringing best updates and posting on discord! However, from now on, I will try my best to make the forums more active.   Version 9.2.2 update has arrived   New Home! We have moved up our home into the area that won the voting poll Woody Woody! Upon logging in, if you were at old home area you'll automatically be teleported to the new home area. Preparing for Mining & Smithing rework in the new home area we have added the Furnace, Forge, and Anvils.   Weekly Discord Event We have finally finished working on Discord Event, thanks to our development team for all the hard work and effort. The first weekly event is now live weekly-events everything is handled automatically by ours systems. All you have to do, is check the current event Type and read the rules for it tells you what gains most points.   When the time is up. Event winners will be announced on weekly-events if you're a winner, your account will be credited X tokens according to your place on event. Then you can speak with Xenia at ;;home and ask her to convert the tokens into real in-game tokens where you can spend on Discord event goodies. Remember that in order to participate in any of the events you must ;;link your account bots ! Good luck everyone as my alt is now Top #1 on the current active event.   First time login mystery box We advertise the server that we are giving out free mystery boxes to new comers. Though, it's been an old advertisement, we have decided to rebirth this by giving everyone a chance on receiving good loot by doing ;;freembox on login. In order to claim your 2x Free Super mystery boxes you've got to ;;link your account bots ! All accounts have been unlinked, if you've previously linked your account please ;;link your account again!   Changes & Bug fixes - PvM Shops have been updated some supplies were removed  - Equipment tab is now fully functionable. - Toolbelt interface will now show up correctly. - Toolbelt will automatically grant you all the tools required, saving you time buying them off the general store. - Customization button will now open up Cosmetics interface. - Fixed Halloween black screen on completing event. - Fixed Halloween blockage when a player is doing Tiles minigame.   Thank you, SeptoX Development Team ❤️ 
    • Can we please get placeholders in our banks so we dont have to reorganize it everytime? XD
    • Hi  Im Ajs Not sure what to put here so here goes   Generally play on Ironman mode, Engaging with the community, and active forums. Anything else feel free to ask.
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