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Posted By: DPR on 03/07/2022
New Player Guide



welcome.png to SevenSins!

Join our discord in a few steps you can link your user game account with your discord to receive 2 FREE Super Mystery Boxes as a warm welcome!





How to Start Playing


Choose your favourite gaming username and pick a password of your choice. Registration is not required to play the server! Just memorize the credentials to be able to login again.




Choose your fixed customized Rebirth/Prestige Game-mode


Our server offers an exclusive fixed XP/Drop Rate game-mode for all players. Seven7Sins also offers different varities of gamemodes:

    Note: HC Ironman is an ultimate survival custom mode where trading other players forbidden, using the GrandExchange is forbidden, most trading shops are also forbidden. Start with 2 Lives & Purchase more Lives with your gp and compete with others in the Highscores!

  • ⚔️Economy mode
  • Ironman_chat_badge.png?a0a83 Ironman mode
  • Hardcore ironman chat badge.png HC Ironman mode (x2 Lives)


  • Hardcore_group_ironman_chat_badge.png?a5 Group Ironman mode (Up to 4 players)


After choosing your game-mode, click 'Continue' to customize your character!




Understanding Seven7Sins XP/DR mode


Super user-friendly skill tab experience



Easily access your Rebirth skill



Our unique XP mode may look complex at first, but it's fairly simple once you get used to it. 



Statistics.png?1eb15 Your EXP rate



For more in specific details about the exclusive Rebirth  EXP formula consider visiting Rebirth New XP Formula thread available atour forums, here's simple explanation:


For every skill you'll have 3 progress bars.:

  • 1/120 Levels                 b93baec32a25772b25e52100c72928d5.png
  • 0/10 Prestige ranks  3c7b8cada81cd02059f6064b42acb477.png
  • 0/20 Rebirth ranks   246604e21b4e6078561351d6a79cccd6.png




Statistics.png?1eb15  Skill Mastery Statistics.png?1eb15 

Your goal is to achieve Rebirth rank 20 in all of your skills.

x1 Rebirth Rank will require x10 Prestige ranks.

Prestige rank will require certain EXP on the skill.


You can easily access & track the progress of any skill through Skills tab. 




Best In Quality Available Content



                                                                                            Upgrade Gem Chest                                                                                               


 Bloodstone Gem Weaponry


  RS3 Pre-Eoc Ability Codices  


  Wilderness PK Content  



There're a lot of SevenSins content that is available for everyone, click any of the links to read more. An epic RSPS journey awaits!

New items pack: A collection of new items coming soon! Our third mystery hidden treasured gem will soon be available in the mystical land of SevenSins, with lots of fun challenges to finish for new items! 


Available custom content explained


Upgrade Gem Chest CollectionThe Upgrade Gem is the only diamond which must be obtained in order to be used to upgrade items and turn them into superior version. It is obtained by smelting all of it's requirements on a furnace. 



Bloodstone Gem: The Bloodstone gem is a very powerful version of the 'Upgrade gem' it's protected by the ancient magikes power that will require true knowledge of a worthy warrior to obtain, the Upgrade gem has new "Amethyst map key" option



RS3 Pre-Eoc Combat Abilities: Ability Codices is our Customized Pre-Eoc combat, for obtaining a codex will grant the player a permanent attacking effect of an RS3 ability that requires 0% special attack energy greatly boosting your attack speed, animation & also dealing more damage!



Wilderness PK Content: Every hour a wilderness chest will spawn somewhere in Forinthry Dungeon (Revenants). The first player to loot the chest and find their way back home safely will get random reward; rewards vary from Azure Key, Overloads, Crystal Keys, Blood Money, & Coins.




Linking your Discord account with your Game Account


The first step to link your game account with your discord account is to join the discord server!



Once you join the discord server, locate the channel #🤖| sinners-commands 



Type the command ;;link and a Private Message to verify your account will be sent over via PM!


Make sure to have your DM turned on




Linking your Discord Account will have many benefits, the best one is our Auto-made Discord Events. 



You can easily track your progress in the Auto-Made Discord events while you're in-game through our custom interface!



Compete with others, and fight for the 🏆Top#1 Rank to receive amazing rewards!



Access your messaging count data, and receive rewards just by chatting on the discord server!







What to do next?


After all that of the above is done, isn't it the perfect time to start conquering the Highscores, and progress on your Sinning account?


Explore the World of Seven7Sins, access your quest panel for your Daily login rewards, Daily challenges, Achievements!



Here's a list of the top ways of making easy money! 


  • Daily Login reward
  • 5x Daily Challenges similar to RS3 system
  • Damage Per Minute 
  • Skilling tasks & missions
  • Grim Reaper Tasks
  • And many many more content awaits!



Welcome to your greatest adventure!






Start Playing Seven7Sins Today for Free!


First time Client login Tutorial


Step 1: Head to Settings


Step 2: Click Custom


Step 3: Make sure you are on OpenGL graphics settings If you were able to switch your graphic settings to OpenGL, or found yourself on it. Then please go ahead, close the settings, login and play. You can skip the java version part.



Recommended Java version

This guide is for the user who are facing troubles switching to OpenGL please make sure to follow this guide!


Step 1: Locate the Official Oracle (Java) link to for downloading java.


Step 2: Make sure to choose this specific java version to download.



Step 3: Oracle might not allow you to download a java version directly without creating an account. It's so fine, just one step left! Please take the minute to register on Oracle to be able to download the java required to be able to run the game and enjoy it with full experience. It's completely safe.




Super detail realism client setting!

This option is only recommended for players who has strong PC specs! While you're on client settings, click custom and locate this option "Anti-aliasing" set it to 4x and save the settings.





TIPS & TRICKS: When the Runescape client loads for the first time, the cache takes some time to download before fully rendering the game for the user. It's possible to know the total Percentage loaded from the cache using the Client's built-in Console. 


Step 1:  Locate the key ' ~ ' in your keyboard to access the console!




Step 2: Type the following command: displayfps and hit Enter!



Happy Gaming!

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